Waste disposal

Management requirements

The dump’s operational management consists in three different phases:

  • Ricezione

  • Waste disposal
    Adjusting waste and daily covering by mechanical means

  • Biogas production and management
    Leachate production and management

The focus of Sovreco’s activity in waste disposal and treatment, has been oriented to respect and protect the environment for decades. Company is committing to providing even more competitive services that can optimize and reduce at the same time, the impact of the pollution of waste on nature.

The activity carried out by Sovreco Ltd in our licenced plants, is divided in different phases in order to guarantee, to each of them, the highest quality level

Landfill sites are managed in functional batches

Areas for waste removal are always limited to few thousand of Sq m; basically, gets full a defined area, when it’s done, is used the area immediately below and so on for all the tested digging. At the end of working day is made the daily cover with a view to restrict the wind dispersion, the access by bird and the emission of odours. The dump produces leachate caused by rainwater flow infiltration and biogas produced by the anaerobic digestion of waste.

The two disposal sites are conceived for biogas energy recovery. Biogas is composed by H2S (hydrogen sulphide) and CH4 (methane); the interest leg of energy production is methane, with a percentage ranging from 40% to 50%. A percentage change can be higher than this values because biogas’ production is closely related to the presence of organic material and so to the type of waste conferred. Biogas is sucked by basin’s drafting with a specific plant composed by vertical cranny piping fitted in waste collected to the vacuum system with powerful vents, refined and consequently send to the energy generating plant. This plant consists in two endothermic engines fuelled with gas and collected to an alternator that produce electricity. This power is placed into national power grid with dedicated electrical substations.