Sovreco protects employee’s health and safety

Sovreco Ltd implements all the work activities in compliance with Legislative Decree No 81/08 (Consolitated Act on Health and Safety at Work). The Organisation Chart includes all the involved professional profiles.

To ensure efficiency in the application of this rule, Sovreco Ltd has achieved in 2013the OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification, and it is in the process of adapting to UNI ISO 45001:2018 law (Safety and Health at work).

Code of conduct in Sovreco property.

  1. Carrier is considered civilly and criminally liable of every type of damage that could be caused to persons or things in Sovreco, but also of third party, during the operations done in Sovreco property, exempted from every responsibility on this matter.

  2.  Must be respected all the signposting in Sovreco property.
  3. In Sovreco property all the vehicles that have to do loading or unloading, must stop on the platform scale and wait for weighing and waste registration

  4. Access to carriers is allowed only in the area dedicated for loading and discharging
  5. The maximum legal speed is 10 Km/hour (unless otherwise provided on signposting locally exposed). Must be respected the existing traffic signs.

  6. Before starting waste disposal, is necessary to wait the authorisation of the engaged employee.
  7. Once concluded the discharge, vehicles coming out, if necessary, will stop on the platform scale and measure tare.
  8. Al the other and not listed activities, shall be subject to authorisation by the responsible employee.
  9. Carrier has own responsibility of work risks and of its own and others safety, concerning the use of working machinery and of the appropriate use of personal protective equipment

  10. For any situation of danger suspicion, carrier has to stop working immediately and ask some help to the plant employees.

  11. Is strictly forbidden:

a)Fire up naked flame and conduct activities which may cause sparks without expressed authorisation;

b) Smoking in the dump area;

c) Introduce firearms, explosives, photographic or cinematographic cameras and alcoholic beverages;

d) To touch and drive machinery and also equipment, without authorisation;

e) To throw or unload down from the top, various material;

f) To block with material or with vehicles, streets and parking lots without express authorisation;

g) Transport persons on running boards or on cargo bed while moving;

h) Embezzle of anything find throughout along every path or in the dump area;

i) Select and withdraw anything considered like waste in the property of Sovreco, even if the waste it is conferred by the authorised person for the discharge/disposal.