Biogas plant

We value waste and we return green energy

Improve the quality of the air we breathe and defend it by contaminant that increase the pollution, is a top priority. Between the different sources which adversely affects environment for long time, there is biogas, produced in urban waste dumps.

Biogas, among the alternative sources most commonly used, is a mixture of different natural gases, mostly by methane and carbon dioxide, giving rise to the fermentation of organic waste in absence of oxygen.

Thanks to innovation and research is made possible biogas transformation in electricity with important benefits on the environment.

Sovreco Ltd enhances gas produced in the dump with a modern and sophisticate cogeneration plant which it makes possible to give an important contribution to environment, producing clean energy and helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. The electricity produced by Sovreco’s biogas plant, in synergy with Enel, is released in the distribution network.