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Environmental Protection| Sovreco Ltd
Environmental protection

We protect environment

Environmental conditions of Sovreco’s dumps, are appropriate to processes carried out and such as to ensure, taking also into account the nature of the soil, adequate protection from pollution. However, company has allocated specific resources and gives particular attention to control all the activities to monitor and measure the monitoring and control plan benchmarks planned by the environmental authorisations.

More detailed information can be find in the report annually drawn up by Sovreco Ltd.

The establishment is allocated in a valley between Colombra valley and other little neighbouring valleys. Area is delimitated to the North and to the North-West by a street of watercourses, to the South by the ridge through which the street to Salica District passes, to the East by a natural watershed. The three valleys take a path from South-West to North-East all the way up to 65 m. s. m. m., to fill in the bottom of the valley floor which develops from West to East.

All the area involved in the controlled waste discharge is surrounded by a fence, by traffic services, by secondary ditches for white water, by banking containment of non-uniform cross section useful to construct a separation barrier with the external environment. The entire area including landfill of waste is characterised by the presence of a soil of Pliocene clay, with optimal permeability conditions to realise similar infrastructures. Before landfill the area was grown by arable land and partially uncultivated in the area of more degradation because of exterior erosion. In the area there are no environmental, ideological, archaeological, architectural restrictions.

Climatological information comes from Environmental Impact Assessment made in 2001, that divided Calabrian territory, according to geographical characteristics, in three areas: Ionian Coast area, Apennines area, South Tyrrenian area. Sovreco Ltd area is in the first area (Ionian Coast area) characterised by a Mediterranean climate, with aridity of soil in the summer time, and rainfall in winter. Climate data are extrapolated by a continuous monitoring with a weather station and reported in annual report.

The environmental challenge related to the conservation of resources represents an essential element for generations to come. For this reason, Sovreco Ltd has always been sensitive to sustainable development. Every year receives different classes to take a visit of the dump, to made aware young generations on environmental issues and to reassure them how Sovreco Ltd operates in a very complex context, monitoring all aspects and reducing environmental impacts. Sovreco Ltd is fully available to open its doors also to all organisations or environmental associations requesting them. Sovreco Ltd dispose of adequate mode of monitoring, measurements of environmental parameters and elements provided for by the monitoring plan covered by the Integrated Environmental Authorisation (I.E.A.) where uses also competent external organisations that use appropriate measurement tools.

Sovreco Ltd is operating into realisation of waste treatment plant and into production of electricity derived from biogas and photovoltaic.

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