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Environmental Policy | Sovreco Ltd – An evergreen treatment plant
Environmental policy

Policy for quality, environment, health and safety


Sovreco Ltd is working constantly in its waste disposal for hazardous and non-hazardous waste activity to safeguard the “ecosystem-enviroment” in its entirety, with continuous improvement of environmental performance respecting the existing environmental laws.

Our priorities are represented by quality management, environment, by health and satefy at work and also by social responsibility, recognised by all the employees.

Declaration of intent subscribed in support of environmental protection is an integral part of company strategies and policies.


The company, conscious and careful of environmental impact resulting from work carried out, undertakes to:

  • Approach its own company structure to continuous improvement of results and to customer satisfaction;

  • Contribute to growth and prosperity of community with environment’s balanced management to ensure the sustainable development for generations to come;

  • Improve the conditions of safety and health at work respecting the existing legislation, a better process management and a raising awareness of employees;

  • Ensure company’s ethical conduct to his stakeholders with the adoption of an ethical code and of a model of organisation, management and monitoring (Legislative Decree No. 231/2000);

  • Extend the engagement in ethical and social spheres declaring the accession: to all SA 8000 requirements; to International Labour Organisation (OIL) agreements; to UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; to Universal Declaration of Huma Rights; to all National and International obligations.

Integrated Management System

Through issuing and application of the Integrated Management System, this company wants to pursue these objective:

    • Achieving and maintaining the Integrated Management System certification in accordance with legislation, international standards UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001; SA 8000;

    • To secure compliance with laws and other requirements associated with quality, environment, health and safety at work, social and administrative responsibilities of institutions in the field of “Management of a hazardous and non-hazardous waste treatment plant, through the stages of reception of waste, landfilling, compacting, daily covering, capture and storage of leachate, capture of biogas with electricity production. Trading and brokering of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, without possession; welding activity for Polyethylene Geomembrane for waterproofing and for Polyethylene piping for landfill”;

    • To ensure a suitable and continuing training making all employees aware of the impact of their work on environment and also on safety;

    • Providing services satisfying the requirements expressed and expected by the customer increasing satisfaction;

    • Prevent, remove or, if it will not possible, reduce pollution and the use of natural resource, taking into account the best available technologies economically feasible;

    • Preventing work-related accidents;
    • Monitor and continually improve economy of production processes through appropriate analysis and adjustment of production parameters;

    • Continuously improve the effectiveness of processes considered in the Integrated Management System and also environmental management results;

    • Develop a sense of responsibility towards environment with an adequate knowledge of the environmental aspects by all the employees;

    • Supervise and, where possible, reduce noise in and out of company relative to our structures, plants and production activities;

    • Analyse and optimise energy and water use;

    • Control and manage the usage and storage of hazardous substance to avoid damage to man and to environment;

    • Take the necessary steps to prevent environmental or health incidents and accidents at work and, if it is not possible, guarantee in cooperation with the authorities, an appropriate emergency management to contain the harmful effects for environment and human health;

    • Encourage adequate environmental behaviour of safety and health from company’s contractors and suppliers;

    • Guarantee to customers and suppliers, as provided by EU Regulation No. 679/2016 “GDPR”, protection, integrity and retention of data processed.


For achieving such goals, Sovreco Ltd undertakes to:

  • Publicize, apply, maintain and regularly review this Environmental Policy based on the environmental background, safety and health at work and socio-economic and institutional context;
  • Support the application of the Integrated Management System and revise annually adequacy and required improvement;
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction to improve it and correct the inefficiencies, if existing;
  • Define, in “Quality Indicator” and in Environmental Management of Security and Health Program, specific objectives, by ensuring the continuous maintenance to the responsibles of their achievement;
  • Guarantee appropriate human and infrastructural resources to the pursuit of objectives and goals set up;
  • Ensure to staff suitable level of education to pursuit objectives and professional growth expectations;
  • Support the right of association and to collective bargaining of their employees;
  • Respect the applicable national legislation, conventions and international recommendations, including the resolutions of international bodies such as the ILO – International Labour Organisation and UNO – United Nations Organization;
  • Don’t use child labourers under the age of 15;
  • Reject practices violating the human rights and in particular violating the employee (disciplinaring proceedings including corporal punishment and/or physical or mental duress, child labour, discrimination in workplace);
  • Take procedures and behavioral mode respecting human rights (freedom of association and right to collective bargaining, equal pay, health and safety protection);
  • Remove, where exists, discriminatory practices and unequal treatment (at the time of taking up employment, in wages and salaries, in the phase of training, in career advancement) based on race, nationality, religion, disability, gender, sexual preference, membership to a trade union, political affiliation;
  • Encourage improvement of safety conditions at work and the physical and mental health of their employees with preventive and corrective actions;
  • Establish procedures for collection and resolution of alerts from our employees about problems of corporate responsibility;
  • Involve all our provider of goods, activities and services and ask their commitment to corporate responsibility respecting all the requirements of existing legislation about work and corporate responsibility and by the standard SA 8000;
  • Perform a regular monitoring activities by supporting the continuous improvement of general conditions of management and exploitation of human legacy;
  • Consider needs and requests expressed by employees – internal customer – with communication lines laid down by the Integrated Management System to increase the satisfaction level.

Sovreco Ltd declare its own will to dialogue with stakeholders, included, but not limited to: workers, trade unions, suppliers, subcontractors, buyers, non-governmental organisations and officials of national and local governments, with the purpose to achieve a compliance sustainable to laws/international standards UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001, SA 8000.

The General Direction consider the choice of the adoption about an Integrated Management System, in the changing social and economic context, as an obvious choice by which offering to the customers products and services appropriate to expectations, pay more attention to customer, in order to performances of production processes, protect the environment, improve the state of health and safety at work and also work condition of their own employees; these are all needed objectives to pursue to be competitive on the marketplace.

Dr. Vincenzo Calfa

Operative Chief Officer

Sovreco Ltd is operating into realisation of waste treatment plant and into production of electricity derived from biogas and photovoltaic.

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