Sovreco Ltd is a company operating in waste sector and it is registered in Business Register of Crotone Chamber of Commerce.

Company is organised and operates as provided by quality management system ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 adapting to the most recent edition.

The above Certifications are valid only for the following application field:

Managing of hazardous and non-hazardous waste dump, through approval of waste phase, landfill, compaction, daily covering, leachate collection and storage, biogas collection and consequent production of electricity. Intermediation and trade of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, without holding; welding activity for polyethylene geomembranes to sealing and of polyethylene piping for dumps.

Sovreco Ltd also meets the requirements of SAO Attestation to do public works (within the meaning of Presidential Decree No 207/2010).

An Organisation Chart is defined, and shall take into account main activities carried out by the organisation; everything is ruled by a job description.

The Organisation, searching human resources according to a logic of recruitment defined also in the Model of Organisation and Corporate control, analyse all the received forms for eventually and subsequent work of staff recruiting. During the year are carried out special job interviews by Managing Director and also by Technical Director.

For all of the functions in the Organisation Chart are defined in the job description roles and responsibilities.

Ideas of innovation arrive generally from interviews between Managing Director and Functional Manager.

For all the own resources is formalised by the Responsible of Integrated Management System and by the Responsible of prevention and protection service a training plan taking into account needs to fill any gap, for the acquisition of new techniques and to maintaining an awareness about obligations provided for in the Integrated Management System and in Documentation for the Evaluation of Risks.