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Plant costs

Plant costs 1920 1080 Sovreco S.p.A.

Dump was considered for a long time the most economic system for waste disposal. In fact, it was privileged for this aspect. To the present day, instead, landfill fits into a management system where its realisation is a necessity that, precisely in order to its role, must have not low costs.

The consciousness to this aspect and the implementation of European directives and of national legislation has led to a progressive increasing of costs, that, after deduction of inflation and change of money cost, results as described in chart.


*Figure 1. Trend of specific costs, expressed in euro per tonne of deposited waste (€/t), associated to realisation, management and post management of a dump, tax included.


In the chart are reported the pant costs, management, post management costs and disposal charge in landfill in the way that was determined during the years, expressed in euro per tonne. Chart has qualitative and indicative value even if derived on the base of several data relevant in Italy and in other Europe’s industrialised countries.

We can consider that costs are bound to rise in respect of the necessity to ensure environmental sustainability, by putting in place some of discussed plant engineering and managerial alternatives.

However, even now there is a paradox:

Administrators do not want to realise landfill because they are unpopular, but when administrators have available, they won’t spend, even though modern landfill have high costs, to avoid raising costs for citizens!

Investment costs and managing since 1980 has triples, due to the organisational requirements, above all for costs connected to control and monitoring and also because in the managing phase they continue to build plant.

At present managing and investment have an impact for about 50-60 €/t, to which add post-managing costs (15 €/T) and tax (25 €/T). By adding at least other 20 €/t to deal with costs and ensure sustainability, costs are destined to reach 110-120 €/t.

Sovreco Spa svolge la propria attività nella realizzazione e gestione di impianti di smaltimento di rifiuti e nella produzione di energia elettrica da biogas e da fotovoltaico.

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