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The nation that destroys its own soil destroys itself

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

About Us

Compliance with the laws and regulations in force is a fundamental requirement of our company.

Sovreco Ltd a company with 30 years-experience in waste treatment, founded in February of 1990, has his headquarters in Crotone where achieves and manages waste treatment plants and production of electric energy from biogas and photovoltaic…

Our values


Basic requirement of our company is the compliance with the laws in each country we operate.


We respect trasparency undestood like clarity, completeness and relevance of corporate informations.


Propriety, honesty and equity of behaviour in and out company are shared by everyone in our company.


The employees must independently be treated with equal dignities by the greatest or smaller importance they have.


Disposal plant for non-hazardous waste and hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Sovreco Ltdis the owner of two dumps; one for non-hazardous waste and another of hazardous waste. Garbage that can be disposed by company are listed in Integrated Enviromental Authorisation (IEA) released by Calabria region, that gives a list of European Waste Catalogue (EWC) helpful to identify waste that can be allocate to disposal…


Environmental Protection

Environmental conditions of Sovreco’s dumps, are appropriate to processes carried out and such as to ensure, taking also into account the nature of the soil, adequate protection from pollution. However, company has allocated specific resources…



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